An Essential Guide To Black Tights

So you love black tights? Same. For us, it’s an obsession that has outlived that moment in flares, that summer in crochet and that lockdown in leggings. Black tights are no fad and our collection of better black tights will always be your top-drawer outfit elevators.

Black tights have had their time standing for femininity, anti-establishment, and more recently in regards to Hēdoïne - sag-free good-times. This base layer is worn by some of our absolute idols (Hello, Beyonce at the 2019 GLAAD awards) and was the very first product we knew we had to revolutionise, by making them ladder-resistant and way more comfortable to wear day in, night out. 

Truly timeless, black tights deserve to be celebrated - amongst the autumn trends and winter saviours but also under their own spotlight. They are a fashion essential that can easily become the star of the show, a means to making your summer fits last through the winter, and that soft start to the colder months you could never get through in trousers alone. So here we are, with a little guide to black tights. Moving through the deniers, it’s time to pour yourself a third espresso and settle in for a (ladder-free) life lesson. 


There’s a reason our 20 denier black tights are a consistent favourite. A staple in the wardrobe of countless 90s heroines (hello, Kate Moss) and a key element to some of the best outfits on your favourite sitcoms, sheer black tights are perfect for when that bite in the breeze is back, and the last days of summer are being celebrated outdoors wherever possible. They compliment a mini skirt, bring an air of sophistication to high waisted shorts and look great with a killer pair of heels. We like to have a pair handy in our bag for nights out, especially in London where the weather can be as sassy as us after a dry martini. 


If there’s a pair of black tights having a moment right now, it’s The Biodegradable. Selling out and back for round two on the town, our 30 denier biodegradable tights are the perfect long-lasting dance partner - that actually spend their final dance breaking down instead of piling up in landfill. 30 denier is somewhere between super sheer and semi sheer, showing a touch of skin while adding a touch of warmth. The tights life just got biodegradable, tell your legs. 


50 denier black tights have become a staple in our autumn wardrobes, elevating leather shorts, keeping dresses in rotation and even making an appearance under jeans (it’s a hack, try it.) We love these sheer but almost opaque tights for their warmth, their softness and their ability to bring an outfit together flawlessly. And P.S ours are made in Italy using recycled water. 


It’s cold, wet and grey outside but you want to wear your shortest skirt with your vintage faux fur. Enter 60 dens. Your night just got warm, soft and sag-free - and yes, this outfit would look good with an espresso martini - two please, sir. 60 denier may be the most underrated denier of winter. Perfect for those nights you need to wear tights, you know - to avoid frostbite, but you still want to dance and not sweat up a storm. Warm yet breathable and easily challenging that fur as the softest in the room.


We end on the darkest of dark, the warmest of warm and the softest of soft - 100 denier tights, especially ours, are the welcome darkness of winter. Rich in colour, no shine - our 100 denier black tights look amazing paired with an all black ensemble - especially a chunky loafer. They really are a winter necessity if you want to keep your dancing shoes on, trust us on that, and don’t stop dancing just because it’s cold outside. 


It wouldn’t be a black tights guide without at least one shot of Kate Moss. Here are some of our favourite fashion moments with bold Hēdoïnes we love to see in black tights. If anyone has their contact details please pass them along, we would like to send them a care package from Hēdoïne HQ.

Celebrities in Hedoine


And here’s some Hēdoïne black tights in the wild, doing what they do best, looking bold and sassy.

Ready to shop black tights? Run. 


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