Tights in a tight time frame with Flink

To our Germany-based Hēdoïnes, it turns out that Flink doesn't just deliver your groceries in 10 minutes, they also now deliver your Hēdoïne tights.

Reasons why you might need tights in a hurry…

  • Patience isn’t one of your strong points
  • It’s much colder outside than your outfit can handle
  • Tights SOS: Your current tights have danced on one too many tables and are no longer out-of-the-house appropriate
  • Last-minute gifting that doesn’t seem like last-minute gifting (clever, right?)
  • More free time to spend with your dog

You can currently get Hēdoïne in a hurry in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln and München… If these aren’t your cities, watch this space, more coming soon.

Order your tights on Flink by downloading the app here

And if you can wait longer than 10 minutes for your tights? Head this way to shop >

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