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Evening Standard

Hole in none - the 3D-knitted tights that won't ladder! Two former City workers claim to have found the solution to one of the longest-standing wardrobe malfunctions - laddering tights. Alexandra Tymann, 33, and Anna Rauch, 34, launched their 3D-knitted tights brand Hedoine earlier this year after finding they shared an irritation over how frequently thin tights run. Made in Italy, the 20-denier tights, which the pair describe as "the supercar of tights", are made in a lattice pattern, meaning they will apparently not run even if they get a hole. The women will even give customers a refund if they do ladder. Ms Rauch said: "By combining high-quality yarns with 3D knitting techniques, we have reinvented tights." 

Buy them here: www.hedoine.com