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Buzz, Bits and Bytes - Issue 4

November 11, 2018 – Is it just us, or is time actually accelerating? It is, right? All the more reason to slow down, take a deep breath and read some fun things: 

Have you heard about the latest celebrity taking Manhattan by storm? Really, everyone is talking about him. He’s quite a beautiful young thing.

Your reaction to this story from Vogue will depend largely on whether you love or loathe the idea of being confined to a metal tube hurtling through the air for nineteen hours straight.

Ooh, we like these fabulous cordless crystal lamps at The Cool Hunter. All the magic and ambience of candlelight without the drippy wax and potential safety hazards.

Have you ever wondered whether or not there were transgender people in the middle ages?

This is sweet. Thirteen-year-old Princess Leonor of Spain makes her first public address at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid. 

The BBC has put together a quick test to see if you’re a people pleaser. You can take the test here. Or don’t. We don’t care.

If you feel as strongly about jewels as we do, you will not want to miss this piece in Tatler about a 5,655-carat emerald discovered in a Zambian mine.

Town and Country provides us with this fantastic list of 45 fabulous fall cocktails. You simply must take a look. So many delicious ideas, so little time!

 And, lastly, tights this way...


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