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Hello Dalai! Words to Live By


In his soothingly titled book, The Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama offers excellent advice on everything from the true meaning of happiness to the importance of avoiding self-created suffering. The soft-spoken man from Tibet speaks elegantly and eloquently, and with sly and surprising humour. His observations are deliberately simple not because they lack complexity or are anything short of profound, but because many of life’s greatest mysteries have very simple solutions. And if you’re going to take life advice from a stranger, go with the guy who is regularly bedecked in robes the color of sunshine and wine.


According to His Holiness, “If you desire happiness, you should seek the causes that give rise to it, and if you don’t desire suffering, then what you should do is to ensure that the causes and conditions that give rise to it no longer arise.” See? It’s really quite simple.


In other words, life goes by very quickly, and a wise soul does not sleep in itchy pajamas.

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(From the writings of Michael Flocker)

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