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The Importance of Long and Luxurious Sleep

Regardless of external obligations and tightly packed calendars, it is a primary duty of any hedonist to get sufficient sleep. There is nothing in the universe that maintains youth, reduces stress and retains one’s sanity with so little effort required. You just lie down, lose consciousness, and rake in the rewards. What could be easier?


We believe that when life offers up a supremely pleasurable leisure activity that also has inherent health benefits, it should be embraced with open arms and a sequined sleeping mask.


Napping, snoozing, siesta, slumber – these are all beautiful words for a beautiful pastime. But in order to turn sleeping into a true art form, proper respect must be given to the Sandman, for he is among your very best of friends. Simply follow these sensible guidelines:



Treat your bed with the respect it deserves as a shrine to unconsciousness.


Respect Mother Nature by sleeping in the nude.


Be not selfish – share thy bed freely.


Except when absolutely necessary, remove the alarm clock from sight, for it is evil.


Invest in a proper nightstand and keep it well stocked with bedside accoutrement.


Keep a sleeping mask beneath the pillow for unreasonably sunny mornings.


Always keep earplugs close by.


Give you bed a name, confide in it and shower it with praise.


Choose quality bedding and keep a variety of blankets to suit your moods.


Choose quality lovers and keep a variety on hand to suit your moods.


Good night.


Dreaming of a soft & seamless pair of tights?

(From the writings of Michael Flocker)

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