Hedoine Supports Womankind Gala Auction: Empowering Women, One Pair of Tights at a Time

At Hedoine, we believe in more than just providing high-quality hosiery; we're dedicated to supporting initiatives that empower women worldwide. That's why we're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming Womankind Gala Auction, an event aimed at raising funds and awareness for women's rights and gender equality.

The Gala Auction, hosted by Womankind & KKR at the National History Museum, brings together influential figures and leading organizations committed to advancing women's causes. This year's event promises to be a remarkable gathering, with over 470 senior executives and partners from prestigious law and banking firms in attendance, including names like Goldman Sachs, Bain, Blackstone Credit, CVC, Allen & Overy, White & Case, Macquarie, Park Square Capital and Clifford Chance to name a few.

Our involvement in the Gala Auction aligns with our mission to champion the rights and well-being of women globally. As startling statistics reveal, one in three women worldwide experiences violence in their lifetime, and less than 15% of landowners are women. Additionally, women are significantly underrepresented in positions of power, comprising just 25% of parliamentarians worldwide.

Through our partnership with Womankind, we aim to raise awareness of these critical issues and contribute to meaningful change. By sponsoring the auction, we're not only supporting Womankind's vital work but also leveraging our platform to advocate for gender equality and women's empowerment.

In addition to our sponsorship, we're inspired by the dedication of organizations like Womankind, whose impactful initiatives help create a more equitable and inclusive world for women everywhere. Through events like the Gala Auction, we have the opportunity to come together, raise awareness, and drive positive change. Together, we can make a difference and create a future where every woman is empowered to thrive.

To learn more about Womankind and their impactful initiatives, we encourage you to watch their informative video here or visit der website here

Thank you for your support and commitment to gender equality.

Warm regards,

The Hedoine Team

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