A Better Black Friday For Charity

This year, we’re doing Black Friday better by working with a charity worth championing...whilst still giving you the opportunity to save. When you shop our Better Black Friday sale using the codes below you'll receive up to 30% off - plus we’ll also donate an extra pair of tights to Smart Works Charity.

20% OFF 2 pairs with code: SMART2
25% OFF 3 pairs with code: SMART3
30% OFF 4 or more with code: SMARTX

We thought about ‘hanging up our tights’ (so to speak) this Black Friday and giving it a miss. We’re a sustainably-minded small business after all, and the over consumption of anything (except maybe cheese and wine) doesn’t sit well with us. But just like your black humour, we think Black Friday can actually do good. It’s been a year of hurdles and high-jumps and we feel the least we can do is give you a well-deserved discount, while also championing a charity close to our Hēdoïne hearts.

Smart Works was set up in 2013 to support unemployed women in need with the clothes, coaching and confidence to help them get a job. Earlier in the year we chose to donate to Smart Works instead of running a Summer Sale, and we’ve decided to work with them again not just because they are a female-founded charity empowering women, but also because the circumstances surrounding 2020 mean employment is at an all time low so any support we can give women seeking employment - we’ll give.

With centres across the UK, and the addition of online sessions during COVID-19, Smart Works provide confidence training and one-on-one coaching with HR professionals or Senior Managers to help those referred to them build awareness of their strengths, learn how to answer questions and better understand the interview process.

Furthermore, Smart Works provide an interview outfit to really ensure the women referred to them feel completely prepared and ready to boss it. And, they really do boss it - 65% of the women referred to Smart Works Clothing Charity get a job within a month!

Once in the job, Smart Works provides an additional five pieces of clothing (a capsule ‘work wardrobe’ if you like) to see them through the early days of employment success. This is where you come in. Shop the Better Black Friday Sale and we’ll donate work-wardrobe tights to women in need of opportunity and support.

Start shopping our Better Black Friday Sale Here with the below codes:

20% OFF 2 pairs with code: SMART2
25% OFF 3 pairs with code: SMART3
30% OFF 4 or more with code: SMARTX

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