Talking Tones, Not Throwing Shade

In the mood to try something new? In Paris they’re wearing nude tights a few shades darker instead of black tights…

As much as we remain loyal to our classic black tights, true Hedoines understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd from time to time.

Swap your classic black tights for The Nude or The Edgy in Smoky Whisky or Spicy Praline.

Like all fashion decisions, choosing which tights to wear is entirely personal. We love to enhance our look with the Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline tones, offered across both our Nude and Edgy ranges. Like all of our nudes, both are tone-matching, which means they adjust to the nuances in individual skin tone. Although our Nude and Edgy collections offer that close-skin match, a different nude look (either lighter or darker than your skin tone) is the perfect way to elevate your look the Hedoine way.

And don’t worry about a difference in durability when trying a new Hedoine style- just like the classic black Bold and Biodegradable collection, our Nude and Edgy are also ladder-resistant. So you can play with wearing new styles more than once.

Break the rules, not your tights, Parisian style >

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