Pearls, Champagne, Whisky and Pralines for International Women’s Day

Today is a special day for Hēdoïne - our very first International Women’s Day (#IWD2019)! We launched in September 2018, a brand created by women, to celebrate and elevate fabulously inspiring, bold, badass women; hedonistic heroines - i.e. Hēdoïnes.

As Hedonistic Heroines we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. We work hard whilst allowing ourselves to be free. We give without taking and take responsibility for our own life and happiness. We are not here to tell you to be better or to do more. We, like you, have high expectations of ourselves and the world around us. We, like you, see something that is broken and fix it. That is why we created Hēdoïne.

To raise a glass to all of our fellow Hēdoïnes on this special day, we are officially announcing our new nude range featuring 4 variations; 01 Invincible Pearl, 02 Vivid Champagne, 03 Smoky Whisky, 04 Spicy Praline. We’ll be the first to admit that there are countless more beautiful skin tones out there and we will indeed be bringing you many more variations in the future - think of this as a first step ;)

In celebration, we’re gifting you 20% off The Nude tights (details below), not because tights will change the world, but because hedonistic heroines are changing the world.

Get 20% off THE NUDE tights range
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*Ends Sunday 10th March 2019