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Get in the nude

Not sure what skin tone you are?
We’ve got you covered.

Why We Love Ladder-Resistant Sheer Tights

Tights Made responsibly in Italy using 3D knitting technology, our collection of sheer tights includes 20 and 40 denier designs that feel barely-there and addictively comfortable. Crafted to act as the perfect base layer, you may forget you’re wearing them - until the next compliment.


One of the first pain points we tackled in tights was ladders. After huge amounts of testing, innovating and testing some more we have successfully crafted (award-winning) sheer tights that utilise ladder-resistant technology for a longer-lasting tights experience. Wearing ladder-resistant tights is empowering, and sheer tights deserve to last longer than a single wear.

Increased Stamina (aka Reinforced Toes)

A durable pair of tights only stays strong with the right toes and that’s why our sheer 20 denier tights collection is reinforced with 40 denier toes. It’s your double-shot of strength - ain’t no pedicure peeking through Hedoine tights. Once you go 40-denier toes, you never go back - trust us.

Seamless Comfort

Not a seam to be seen, our seamless sheer tights are invisible under even your tightest clothes and also feature a shaping waistband - making them the most comfortable tights in the world. The best tights need to feel barely-there, and our seamless design allows for just that. Super-soft yarns that don’t itch Tights that itch - it’s a no from us. We’ve sourced the softest Italian yarns to craft our sheer tights. It’s all part of the ladder-free life, which is also sans-scratch. So you can slide your ladder-resistant tights on with ease, and then forget you’re wearing them - Madonna wore it on a T-shirt and we’re telling you it’s true ‘Italians do it better’.

Sag-free - no adjusting necessary

Just like you, our tights like to stay up. They have an addictively comfortable waistband that stays in place day in, night out. It’s also a super flattering fit and looks just as good without clothes as with clothes. And since there’s no sag, you may just be staring at yourself in the mirror a little longer. The sag has been cancelled - time to celebrate.

Nude, Black or a bit of both

We’ve got your sheer nude tights and sheer black tights wardrobe covered. Our ladder-resistant nude tights come in five tone-matching shades so you can tone up and down with the seasons and your outfits. There’s also the option to choose nude tights with a black waistband and black reinforced toes - in case you’re after a bit of both. Consider them your cocktail of tights.

Conscious craftsmanship

We’re committed to producing all Hēdoïne sheer tights responsibly. Our collections are crafted using recycled water and are also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. We work with producers who follow ethical practices and champion fair conditions. We’re a small team who look after each other and also our community of Hedoines - we want to provide the best tights we can, without it costing the earth.