Let’s be real, shopping for anything isn’t sustainable. It’s consumption. But we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make it less harmful for the planet.

Making products that are high in quality but low in environmental impact isn’t always easy. We do everything we can, have big plans for more and want to be straight with you all the way.

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Taking Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility
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Being a nice human should be the norm.



It’s easy to say we have a great culture, but really – we care about each other. We’re a small team that packs a big punch mainly because of 3 things:

1. We share a vision to elevate bold, like-minded women.

2. We believe in making the best tights in the world.

3. We genuinely like and care about each other – whether that’s laughing together, supporting each other, working hard alongside one another or, of course, celebrating together.


When we track down our suppliers – from the amazing humans who make our tights and packaging to other partners we work with – treating them well is something we take seriously.

We often look for small, independent businesses because we want to lift them up.

Not literally, we don’t want to hurt our backs.


The F word doesn’t need to be bad. Factories can be great workplaces filled with passionate crafters.

Our production partners are located in Italy and the UK, each specialising in the specific tights they produce.

They have fair and safe working conditions, are equal opportunity employers, and are just as committed as we are to quality and responsible production.

We know when
we can do
things better


Behaving in ways that are environmentally conscious is something we feel fiercely about.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. We don't want to bore you with Newton's third law, but every action has a reaction. Therefore, it is worth it to sometimes (just sometimes) behave yourself. Here’s how we’re doing just that.

We use Nylon and Lycra (AKA Elastane). And yes, we know these aren’t the best materials for the environment and we’re constantly looking for more sustainable options that can meet our quality standards.

While we do that, here are the things we know we’re doing well with absolute certainty.



Our processes  don’t cause harm to humans or animals. 100% vegan.


Watching the footprint

We operate locally in the UK and Italy to lower our carbon footprint.



We focus on quality to avoid a throwaway culture.

Goodbye water waste

Our UK supplier uses an innovative batch dying system which means we use around 50ml of water to dye each pair of tights. Normal dying processes use more like 22 litres per pair of tights – that’s 99.98% less water.

Both of our producers also make an effort to reuse water. Our Italian producer ensures the water used in the knitting process is totally recycled, and our UK supplier uses a closed booth washing and drying system which recirculates 100% of the water used.


All of our tights are Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which may not sound that interesting but stick with us here.

It basically means, they’re rigorously checked for all kinds of horrors – from pesticides and heavy metals to carcinogenic colouring and hundreds of other chemicals that can be harmful to humans. Nobody needs those wrapped around their legs all day.


Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material so you can rest assured (pinot in hand) that it will go down well in the recycling bin.

You can also use the box to store your tights, or upcycle it to house some of your other precious items – jewellery, spare coins, incriminating evidence etc.

When behaving
yourself pays off

Thinking about
the future.


While we generally encourage misbehaving, this is one of the places we don’t. We want to look out for the planet.

Whether it’s reducing throwaway culture, using recyclable materials or ensuring you know how to look after your tights – this is how we’re thinking about the future.

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When it comes to the material used to make our premium tights, we have yet to find a truly sustainable alternative that boasts the same qualities as Nylon.

Things such as strength, durability, ladder-resistance, comfort, breathability, seamlessness and shaping support are important to ensure you can get the most wear out of every pair of tights you own.

This, in turn, avoids adding to throwaway culture – something we want to avoid as much as possible. But watch this space, we're working hard to source new materials and constantly researching how we can become more sustainable.


The next big thing on our responsibility agenda is being able to recycle your pre-loved tights into other products. Hello circularity.

Gone are the days where we craft, use and dispose. We want to make sure the products we create have a circular lifecycle, where they’ll last longer but, once they’re done, they can be turned into something other than landfill.

Something useful to the world. We're working to get our tights recycling programme up and running by the end of 2021. Until then, we’ve put together some ways to upcycle your pre-loved tights here.

Upcycling Tights

Care more,
wash less.

35% of all microplastics that enter our waterways come from us washing synthetic fibres at home. That’s the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles and why we’ve teamed up with Guppyfriend, so you can buy an environment-protecting washing bag with your tights.

We’ve also put together a Tights Care Guide here to make your tights (Hedoine or not) last longer. It’s better for the planet and much more convenient for you.

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Above all, we know
this is not the end.

Improving our environmental impact is an ongoing journey. We're so happy to see the innovation that’s coming into the industry every day, including the innovation we use ourselves and we're constantly evolving. Everything you see here is a first step on a long path – a path we promise to continue on, no matter what the challenges are. Stay tuned Hedoines.