lace detail black bike shorts by Hedoine high-waisted seamless bike shorts for womenBlack bike shorts lace detail Hedoine high-waisted seamless bike shorts for women


The Charmer | Anti Chafing Shorts

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seamless black leggings for women lace detail high waist soft legginsg Hedoine Hedoine the charmer black leggings lace detail high waist seamless soft leggings for women


The Charmer | Lace Line

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The Charmer | LeggingsHedoine black lace leggings high waisted sexy leggings for women


The Charmer | Leggings

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About Our Seamless Leggings Collection

We’re not just about the most comfortable tights in the world. Branching out to better basics, we launched our first pair of black leggings in 2021. Crafted responsibly in Italy using seriously soft yarns, our collection of black leggings have the stretch and breathability of activewear, the comfort of loungewear and just the right amount of ‘extra’ to get you running - to parties. Patterned leggings and seamless biker shorts come together to create your new comfort capsule.

Seamless design

Welcome to a more comfortable life in leggings, with a seamless fit that never sags - and feels like a second-skin. There’s some very clever technology involved in the making of our seamless leggings and biker shorts including sustainable warp knitting and seamless sewing, but mostly - it’s about feeling good.

Supportive shaping

Gentle shaping means a flattering fit that hugs in all the right places. A double layer hugs the waist comfortably, sitting high and never rolling down. Here at Hedoine, we’re about support - not suction.

Breathable yarns

We’ve paired our soft, breathable yarns with Italian craftsmanship, and seamless technology. Upgrading leggings to bring you super-soft staples with breathable benefits - whether dancing, stretching, lounging or running. Because leggings should never feel like you’ve sweated them into a stuck-forever position. Our designs breathe and feel light, tested in both high-energy and siesta situations. It’s the comfort you need when you live in leggings.

Sassy details

They wouldn’t be Hedoine without a little extra, because dressing up should always be fun - even if you’re only taking yourself to the letterbox. Our collection of black leggings, which also includes our seamless biker shorts, was designed with both work and play in mind. Featuring sassy but delicate details to get you dancing comfortably out of the house, and all the functionality you need to workout (or hardly work.)

Unbeatable Softness

It’s linked to that warp knitting technology we’ve been talking about, and those fine Italian yarns. Crafted to rival your sweatpants, our leggings and biker shorts are so soft, you’ll be naming them after your first pet. Or your first love, we call ours champagne.

Conscious craftsmanship

We’re committed to producing each Hēdoïne collection responsibly. The black leggings collection is crafted via sustainable practises in Italy and like all of our legwear is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. We use recycled water throughout production, hero ethical producers and our small team work incredibly hard to create legwear that lasts. We’re always growing, learning and looking for ways to be better. This is just the beginning.