Tights Gone Biodegradable.

Introducing biodegradable tights that are also ladder-resistant.
Yes, both. It’s a breakthrough - that breaks down.

If there’s one product that represents throwaway fashion - it’s tights. The average pair rarely survives a day and billions of tights end up in landfill every year. We recognise this tights truth and we want to see it change.

Our latest feat in tights technology combines ladder-resistance with biodegradable yarn to create a world first - a pair of game-changing tights that both last longer and decompose at their end of life.

Still seamless, still sag-free, still super-soft, but also crafted to break down with general waste (after a long life of badass behaviour).

We’re committed to challenging throwaway culture with thoughtfully designed tights that feel better and last longer.

Meet The Biodegradable


Revolutionary, biodegradable yarn means your tights can be more thoughtfully disposed of at their end of life (don't worry they won’t biodegrade on your legs, we promise.)


The same innovation used to craft our ladder-resistant collection has been applied to The Biodegradable making them the only pair in the world to feature a hybrid of ladder-free strength and biodegradability.


They wouldn’t be Hedoine without being seamless. Not a seam to be seen and gussets gone - The Biodegradable is a no-show under clothes and carefully champions comfort, every wear.

The Biodegradation Process


At your tight’s end of life, The Biodegradable can be thanked for their wardrobe services and disposed of via general waste - keep reading for more on this, Hedoines.


The biodegradable nylon (85% of product composition) breaks down into organic matter thanks to the natural functioning of bacteria in anaerobic conditions. This takes up to 5 years.


Biomass and biogas - which are put to use as new environmental resources and used to generate electricity. That’s wild, not wasteful ;)



Shaking Up An Industry

Reinventing legwear, no more one-night tights


What started as a ‘tightbulb’ moment back in 2018 has morphed into a passionate brand, fiercely focused on creating better legwear. More functional, more sustainable, more fun.

We’ve made ladder-resistance amongst our main missions. For us, being a sustainably-minded business is acknowledging that less consumption is the best way forward. That’s why we craft tights that last longer and feel better, so you need less of them. Basically, ladders had to go.

Inspired by a bold community of unconventional Hedoines - we’re here to innovate legwear and elevate those who wear it.





Ladder-Resistant Tights

Did somebody say award-winning?

Water-Saving Tights

Your denier for darker days

Seamless Leggings

Channel that main character energy

The Fact Check

For us, tights transparency isn't about how much leg we're showing

It's about banning greenwashing and encouraging brand honesty by telling it like it is. This is why we've included a fact check - and why we've had this fact check reviewed by our entire team, from production to customer service.


There is no such thing as an entirely sustainable item

And you won't catch us saying so. All consumption has an environmental impact, which is why we believe buying less and buying quality is one way to do better. Product innovation is at our core and we want to continue crafting tights that last longer, and do better.

What "Biodegradable" actually means

Hedoine Bio tights are certified biodegradable, however as a brand committed to transparency, we want to ensure it is understood that 100% biodegradable yarn does not currently exist in the tights world. Tight yarns are made up of a combination of nylon and elastane. Whilst the nylon used in the biodegradable tights does indeed degrade over 5 years, the elastane component (approximately 15%) takes longer to decompose via standard waste management process.

Biodegradable Yarn does not turn into microplastics

There is information overload with everything currently, so let us be clear - here is what you need to know about our biodegradable tights and microplastics. The Biodegradable is made up of a composition of 85% biodegradable yarns and 15% elastane. The biodegradable yarn breaks down and does not turn into microplastics. The elastane however is not biodegradable. As soon as the technology is available for this to shift, we will make that change - and celebrate it loudly. In the meantime, we did not want to compromise on quality as we see this as core to consuming less.

Being biodegradable is important, however the best way to minimize waste is to create products that last longer.

We’re using the current market leading biodegradable yarn paired with unique ladder-resistant technology to create the only tights in the world to combine biodegradability and ladder-resistance. Making them last longer, feel better, and then break down.

What “biodegradable within 5 years” actually means

Hedoine biodegradable tights can be disposed of at the end of their ‘life on legs’ via general waste. The biodegradation process begins, and continues to develop within 5 years in waste management facilities that operate under anaerobic conditions.

What “certified Amni Soul Eco® yarn” actually means too

We have combined the technology of our tights with certified Amni Soul Eco® yarn - this means we are crafting with the best possible yarn and the only polyamide yarn in the world with enhanced biodegradability. This innovation makes your tights both biodegradable and breathable, as well as easy to care for and extremely comfortable.

How we’re ensuring your biodegradable tights are disposed of in the right anaerobic conditions

Currently, all available biodegradable nylon requires waste management treatment under anaerobic conditions. This is the only process that ensures biodegradation, as the fibres would not break down if disposed of outside of anaerobic landfill. Most countries throughout Europe break down general waste under these conditions, which means that the majority of customers will be able to dispose of their tights via their regular waste. However, we’ve also set up a commercial agreement with a waste management facility to ensure that individuals who have concerns about how their waste is managed can still access a right end of life treatment for their tights by sending them back to us for processing.

Ethical craftsmanship includes every part of production

Crafting incredible tights is important, sure. But the way we craft them, even more so. From the very beginning, we’ve endeavoured to create with a conscience. To address throwaway culture, and to challenge it. Our new biodegradable tights are produced mindfully in Italy using recycled water and are also OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they’re rigorously checked for all kinds of horrors – from pesticides and heavy metals to carcinogenic colouring and hundreds of other chemicals.

Packaging matters

All of our tights boxes are produced locally and 100% recyclable. We usually upcycle ours, by using them as storage - for love letters.