Nude Knowledge With Customer Love Star Luise A Hedoine Colour Guide

If there’s anyone who loves talking tones, it’s our Customer Love Consultant, Luise. We’re so lucky to have this absolute ray of sunshine (and, interesting side note, salsa dancing extraordinaire) on the team, who had her own ‘tightbulb’ moment this week and suggested dive into our FAQs related to choosing the perfect Hedoine nude tights tone here on the blog. So here you are, in the mind of Luise as she walks you through how to find the perfect pair of nude tights via the questions she gets asked the most.

Unless of course you want black tights, in which case walk this way.

How many nude tones are there and will there ever be more?
Luise: We tested countless colours with Hedoines of all skin tones to make sure we launched our nude tights with a bandwidth of options - while also keeping the colour palette sleek and easy to navigate. We currently have five nude shades on offer, each tone-matching, which means they actually adjust to the nuances in your individual skin tone. Each shade caters for around 5 skin tone variations, so we cover around 25 different tones with our current range.

How do I know which nude tone will best suit my skin colour?
Luise: I think the first step to finding your signature shade within our Nude and Edgy collections is to decide whether you are looking for a close skin-tone match or a nude look (either lighter or darker). Since our Nude tights are tone-matching, you don’t need to have the exact skin-tone you see in our photography and you can usually safely go with instinct.

The product page images are a great guide as well as our Instagram page @hedoineofficial - where you can find tagged examples throughout that link directly to the website. Another option is to send me an email with a description, a comparison to someone famous who has a similar skin tone to yours - or even a picture of yourself.

Five Shades Of Nude Tights

Any of these options will give me an idea of your skin tone and will help me with giving personalised advice.

Is it possible for me to wear nude tights that are either lighter or darker than my skin tone?
Luise: That is a very good question. The short answer is yes! Which tights to wear, like all fashion decisions though, is very personal and depends entirely on your taste.

The "no tights but tights" look means choosing a tone that is as close to your skin colour as possible but then there is also the option to go lighter or darker than your skin tone if that’s your preference.

Are all tones Matt or Shiny?
Luise: Actually our tights are neither a traditional shiny or matt finish, they are somewhere in between. The reason we chose this unique and rare finish is because it best mimics natural skin. When I wear my Vivid Champagnes, people usually don't even see that I am wearing tights!

The waistband colour is slightly different, why is that?
Luise: It is and for good reason, this is made thicker and slightly darker to act as a shaping superhero, and to maximise comfort.

Is it possible to get samples, like the ones you get in the shops so that I will know which one is my colour before I can make the order?
Luise: Sadly we are not able to send out colour samples, mostly because we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. For the same reason, we ask you to take these steps when getting in The Nude:

  1. View the images for the nude tights provided on our website
  2. If in doubt, check our Instagram for more images
  3. Keep in mind that our nudes are tone-matching, they are designed to adjust to your skin
  4. Reach out to me if you still need some guidance via our contact form (and ideally with a picture)

Of course we are aware that it's still possible that you end up with a Nude shade not quite right. In this case, you are welcome to return your tights unused, in their original packaging. We’re confident you’ll be able to find your perfect match though!

How did you name the colours of your tights, they’re so great! And really make me want a whiskey…(yes, someone did actually ask us this - we get asked about the names of our tights all the time!)
Luise: Our naming sessions are always a highlight, and an excuse to have a cocktail - you may have noticed a booze theme....seriously though we do take it very seriously and love to talk about it. Which is why there’s an entire blog about it here.

Luise | Customer Service Executive

So that’s a wrap on talking tones with Luise. But, if you’ve got a new dress and you’re not sure which colour tights to wear with it, or maybe you’re still feeling unsure and would like to send some photos of your skin tone for personalised advice, that’s no problem at all.

Luise is available to email here and can help you with all your tights tone queries from Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm BST.

Time to check out The Nude tights collection here >

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