Dare To Go Darker? Try our Biodegradable 50 Denier Tights!

Replacing our portfolio with biodegradable yarns one product at a time, we have introduced The Bio 50. 

Sustainable but sassy, these tights save an incredible 85% of normally non-biodegradable matter from landfill. The remaining 15% follows the standard waste management process. That’s game-changing in the tights industry and another seamless step in the right direction for sustainable fashion.

As always, our Bio 50 are seamless, sag-free and consciously crafted, gusset-free they are a no-show under your clothes - yes, invisible!


We craft our 50 denier biodegradable tights in ethical factories using mindful methods (like recycling water). Our durable design & innovative biodegradable yarn fights throwaway fashion.

Breathable, biodegradable and bold- the perfect winter warmers to get you through the colder months ahead.

To make winter days cosier and a bit more bearable, hop into the softest yarn.

Shop our biodegradable collection here. 

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