Men in Tights - to be a Hedoine has no gender

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. To be a true Hedoine is a way of being. It is not confined by age, gender, or the way you look, but instead how you carry yourself through life as a powerful, confident force, always looking to uplift yourself and those around you.

Many of our Hedoines are male, something we wish to celebrate and encourage and share with our wider community. We are seeking to destigmatize the use of gender-specific products, give our male Hedoines a platform and encourage our community and wider society to broaden their horizons and come to accept and uplift men in tights.

We would love to share with you a beautiful review written by a male Hedoine, pushing the boundaries and singing our praises all at once. We couldn’t be more touched by his writing, and hope you are, too.

Hello to you, glorious Hedoines,

You may not like this review…
I am a man.
I wear tights.

Well, that would be enough to freak out a vast population.

Now, if you are still reading, the reason I am writing this is that I love what you do. I love the ethos of the company, the concepts behind the brand and the care in the production. And I love the products.
Dressing in tights with male legs and manly bits in the wrong place is not all that easy. I will point out first that I am not a sexual fetishist. Epicene is a very good word to project an essence of me. Demiguy might be a simpler version. Genderfuck is how I fill my place in modern society. In short, I am male by birth, a gender mixture by feelings, I dress female for the bottom part, and I throw some male top. Who cares anyway? That’s just how I feel good.

I have found it difficult to buy tights that are not a pain to wear all day. My shape is not what your designers work to and I can appreciate that. It is not even the tights themselves that first attracted me to you. The truth is, like so many of my fellow human creatures, I don’t quite know how tights are made…!

But then, out of the blue… well, not really. Rather, social media platforms knowing the sort of things I search for online, decided on a sombre evening to pop something to try and catch my attention. And there I discovered that some lovely women, somewhere, had been looking at ways to manufacture a basic product in a more sustainable fashion. No pun. My interest rose exactly as the algorithm had predicted.

I dared to follow this link to a site with a name I had never heard of. And there, on a page that clearly had sales in mind, I found a tab called sustainability. I clicked and lost myself in an hour or a week - I don’t remember - of reading about the amount of water needed to create a seemingly innocent pair of tights and about testing those devious fashion implements on unsuspecting animals.

I was left aghast. A women-led company, conscious of its erring predecessors, willing to modify consumerism habits for what, at first, seems a rather innocent, tiny, lightweight bit of garment.

I was hooked. The concepts that got you to create this company and change how this humble product is made, sold, and recycled had me fall in love with it all.

So, I bought a pair. Proof in the pudding, right? At that point, my wardrobe already plays host to a good dozen pairs of various sorts. That is not counting all those thrown, discarded, and binned through many years of indulging in that awfully disgusting habit of mine that our opponents call cross-dressing.

I tried the Hedoine pair on. I selected a 50 denier in black. Black suits me. 50 deniers seemed middle ground, not too risky to try at first.

Oh my.

Yes, they are designed for female legs and in-between, and I am not one of them but a freak, I get that.
But these tights stayed on me. I mean, I put them on in the morning under a skirt. They felt great at first, but I will be honest, other brands did too. But, and this is a huge but, I went about my day, sitting, climbing stairs, walking, sitting again, moving about, going through that set of activities we call life and not once - not a single time - did I have to carefully grab the fabric to pull the demonic contraption back up.

Did I adjust them? No. 

Did I fight an urge to scratch in a place where it is very inappropriate to put your hands in public – even if that public consists of my wife and some cats? No, I didn’t.
The tights stayed up all day, and I almost forgot they were there.

Now that was a first. I have the legs of a man and that stuff in between that tights designers don’t usually consider in their models. The lack of seam is an absolute relief for those of us who have sensitive bits right where the seam would cut through. The absence of a gusset makes it comfortable for reasons that are best not described.

That urge to scratch I mentioned earlier? It has vanished because the extraneous masculine elements that would cause it are not impeded by Hedoine tights.

They hold. They keep where they should be all day long.
They are very soft, lovely to wear and feel along shaved legs. They also look very nice. The 100 deniers have quite a shine that, under the right light, creates a beautiful gloss effect.

The feet are shaped in the tights, making it easy to always wear them the same way. The extra bits for toes and heels protect them well in shoes.

As for the robustness, I have cats, and they, in turn, have claws. Claws and tights are like vinegar and pearl. They do not mix. Yet, Hedoine’s tights can withstand some good level of claw action. I was impressed.

And finally, when one has worn a pair of tights to the max, has enjoyed their support to the point when they no longer fit or have become destroyed to a grunge sort of fashion, you guys offer an option to gently let them go into the darkness rather than woefully throw them into a landfill somewhere un-exotic. Tights after-life care is a first. I didn’t know any company had thought of it. But clearly, your holistic approach to them makes you conscious of recycling and waste management. Another big plus.

I’ll stop there. I love wearing your tights as much as I love helping your ethos by buying them. The subscription model works for me because it simplifies the logistics and leaves me just to enjoy wearing comfortable fashion artefacts. They make my legs look and feel good, and they give me some piece of mind that although male in body, my femininity remains expressible.

Your tights enable me to feel myself, and so I want to be allowed to claim this out and loud: please, let me be a Hedoine.

Thank you.

Thank you, Seb. We couldn't agree more. 

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