No Ladder No Matter

Like any self-respecting web presence, Hēdoïne has its own smarty-pants collection of hashtags. Among these, you may have noticed us using #NoLadderNoMatter, and asked yourself, “Self, what do these ladies mean by that?”

Well, we must confess, we really are quite pleased with the double meaning.

On the one hand, the “ladder” refers to an unsightly run in one’s hosiery. As a loyal disciple of the brand, you know that the elimination of such troubles is one of the founding principles of our humble empire. So, if there is no ladder in your tights, then there is no matter with which you need to concern yourself.

On the other hand, it is a reference to the proverbial corporate ladder that so very many of us spend far too much time trying to climb. You see, the modern Hēdoïne has no need for such an archaic metaphor. She believes in self-determination, so the absence of an obvious path to success – or a traditional corporate ladder – is of no concern to her. She is more than capable of forging her own path, vaulting over any and all obstacles and kicking down whatever doors need to be opened.

Oh, and just to be clear, she’ll look absolutely flawless throughout it all.


See more here for the ladder-free guarantee!

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