The Nude | Vivid Champagne

All nude acting like a good girl


Dive into the run-free revolution in the Nude. The tights you wear when you don’t want it to look like you’re wearing tights. 20 denier and sheer whilst durable and run-resistant. Seamless, so you won’t have marks showing through your clothes.

Available in a low or high slimming waistband that won’t roll, pinch or sag. The low waistband is 9cm / 3.5 inches, while the high waistband is 15cm / 6 inches, so you can choose your preferred support.

Crafted in Italy using 3D knitting technology and innovative yarns they’re also silky soft and comfortable. The Nude features hand-stitched detailing of our signature pattern in the waistband and reinforced toes for a stylish durability bonus.

Product Features

- 20 denier
- Sheer
- Seamless
- Ladder and run-resistant
- Nude waistband with signature pattern
- Nude 40 denier enforced under the toes with our signature pattern
- Available in 4 skin tone variations
- Low slimming waistband 9cm / 3.5 inches
- High slimming waistband 15cm / 6 inches
- Fine yarns for a soft feel
- No pressure marks, sagging or itching
- 100% vegan, no animal testing
- Machine washable
- Made in Italy
- Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®


Produced in Italy, our tights are made from extremely fine yarns. We use 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane, unless otherwise specified.


Wash your tights at 30 Celsius, ideally in a delicate laundry bag. Do not tumble dry, iron, or bleach.

Colour Guide

Our Nude tights are tone-matching, so you don’t need to have the exact skin-tone you see in the pictures shown. Generally, the tights will blend with tones a few shades lighter or darker.


“I'm obsessed with the tights from Hēdoïne”

“Not even a snag, despite only 20 denier and being worn all day and night. Impressive."

“You'll notice that they have zero seams, meaning there's no chance of those pesky holes appearing”

“Hole in none - the 3D-knitted tights that won't ladder!”

"Despite catching a nail in them, there was no laddering in this run-resistant pair"