Water-Saving Opaque Tights

60 & 100 denier opaque tights by Hedoine

water saving production

The Bold | 60 Denier

£21 £30

    water saving production

    The Bold | 100 Denier

    £21 £30

      2 PAIRS

      60 + 100 denier pack

      Dark & Stormy Bundle | 2 Pairs

      £42 £60

        Opaque Tights, But Make Them Water-Saving

        Our collection of opaque tights includes 60 & 100 denier designs for darker days and nights, that always feel super-soft and crazy comfortable. Made mindfully in the UK using 99.98% less water than the average pair, they’re your sustainable step into the cooler months, allowing those summer dresses and leather shorts to strut on. We’ve made sure the finish is neither matte nor shiny so they offer the perfect opaque look, and that their warmth remains breathable and easy to wear. Designed using seamless technology with a waistband that actually stays up, they may just be the most comfortable tights in the world. 


        Our UK-made tights aren’t just bold to look at, they’re also bold in behaviour - requiring 99.98% less water to make when compared to the average pair. It’s our favourite thing about them and a sustainable step in the right direction for tights. 

        Warm Yet Breathable

        The last thing you want when wearing opaque tights is to feel smothered or sticky.  We craft them using the softest yarns, designed with breathable warmth as a priority. The result: you’ll never want to take them off. 

        Seamless Comfort

        Not a seam to be seen, our seamless opaque tights are completely invisible under even your tightest winter clothes and also feature a super-soft shaping waistband - that looks just as good without clothes as with them. 

        Super-soft yarns that don’t itch

        Seamless, super-soft, scratch-free. Itchy tights are a huge no for us, which is why we made it part of our mission to craft tights that champion softness. Our tights are mindfully made using only the softest yarns and microfibre, for an addictively soft experience that’s unrivaled. From the very first wear - you’ll see what all the fuss is about. 

        Sag-free - tights that actually stay up

        Just like you, our tights like to stay up. Thoughtfully designed to combat the sag, their shaping waistband is the key to tights that stay in place day in, night out. It’s also a super flattering fit and looks just as good without clothes as with clothes - so you might be staring at yourself in the mirror a little longer. 

        60 & 100 Denier 

        Our opaque tights start at a rich 60 denier for a close to true opaque look that’s still warm, and go up to 100 denier for full coverage and maximum warmth. Neither matte nor shiny, their finish is pure opaque perfection. Water-saving, super-soft and comfortably breathable - our opaque tights never interrupt, even on a back-to-back dance floor.  

        Conscious craftsmanship

        We’re committed to producing all Hēdoïne tights responsibly. All of our tights collections are crafted using recycled water and are also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. We work with passionate producers who follow ethical practices and champion fair work conditions. We’re a small, tight team who elevate each other and also our community of Hedoines - we strive on the daily to provide the best tights we can, without it costing the earth.