A Seamless Collection VS A Not So Seamless Shoot: Behind The Scenes with Leesa

Hi I’m Leesa - eternal summer chaser, lover of everything a little extra, ready to host a party at any minute and Art Director at Hedoine. I’m here to share a little behind the scenes from the drama turned disco that was our latest collection shoot.

Leesa | Hedoine Art Director

Let’s start with the things that can go wrong when executing an outdoor summer themed campaign, all of which actually happened on this shoot...

  • The pool you’ve based the entire campaign around could be unexpectedly emptied
  • A storm could roll in on the day, followed by heavy rain, wind, oh and yes - it’s hailing, of course
  • A London postcode error could lead to a lovely long loop around the city (nope, this isn’t the address) which meant half the crew were late.

Postcodes and storms aside, it was the empty pool that really set the scene for what could have been a disaster. Luckily, the UK weather report (grey for days) had already led me on a last-minute hunt for a house with both an indoor and outdoor pool - which is near impossible! So, once that was found through tears of joy, it was only comical to receive a call just one day out from shoot informing that the outdoor pool had been emptied. EMPTIED! With ‘I’m Every Woman’ playing on repeat in my head though, I filled the pool with champagne. KIDDING. We wish. What we did do, was hustle, a Hēdoïne kind of hustle, and make the most of an empty situation. The indoor pool was our back-up and would be utilised and the empty pool would become a STAR! We prefer the edgy vibe anyway ;)

Just one of the many moments I spent dancing sideways - I like to mimic the models poses, it really helps get the shot!

Behind the scenes at our summer campaign

And here’s some of my favourite final shots from the day - it turns out an empty pool is just the summer accessory The Charmer needed to shine.

The Charmer Collection

The storm clouds may have been fiercer than our mood board but here we stand - turning lemons into spiked lemonade and launching a new collection of seamless leggings and biker shorts we are so proud to share with you. It’s just the start of sunshine-filled days - and hopefully water-filled swimming pools.

More Hedoine ‘Not-So-Seamless’ moments from Behind The Scenes coming soon ;)


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