Definition Of Denier Explained Via Noteable, Badass Women

We talk about denier a lot. You’ll find this technical term poking out on every Hēdoïne tights description and all over Instagram - where we’re secretly hoping the hashtag #denierdisco will go viral. What we haven’t talked about before though, is denier meaning.

Denier numbers can be confusing and ultimately it’s ok if your eyes shoot straight to the part about whether they are sheer tights or opaque tights. Once you understand this unit of measure though, you’ll feel even more confident choosing your tights and nailing your denier wardrobe. And you’ll sound rather knowledgeable telling everyone you’re “all about 20 denier lately.”

Denier, by definition, is this:

A denier is a unit of measurement that expresses fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments in fabric or textiles.

Denier by Hēdoïne definition is:

A technical term related to the weight of the yarn used to knit tights (and in our case, craft the most comfortable tights in the world). A number that coincides with whether you’re looking for something for breezy but balmy nights or for wintery warmth during the darker months.

This means that yes, while the denier of Hedoine tights does coincide with whether they are sheer or opaque (or showing skin vs not showing skin) it’s actually a unit of measure related to weight. And to explain that properly, we have to go to medieval France.


It was here, in medieval France, that the definition for denier became how much 9,000m of a yarn weighed in grams. A single 9,000m strand of silk fibre weighs around one gram, which was roughly the same as a coin from that time called, you guessed it, a denier. So with a yarn being constructed of multiple strands of fibre all spun together, that means that 9,000m of a silk yarn weighing in at 15g, will be described as ‘15 denier’ in application to hosiery made from it - and will obviously go up accordingly.

That’s your history lesson done - and the good news is that relating denier meaning to the thickness of your tights (rather than thinking about weight) works just fine.

We match our denier decisions to the weather, our outfit, and our mood. We pick no favourite because just like the islands of Greece - there’s a place for all deniers in our Hedoine hearts. Choosing the denier of your tights is about knowing your sheer from your opaque, and it’s better explained visually - and through badass women.

20 Denier - Straight-Up Sheer

Our 20 denier poster girl is Princess Di but there have been some serious fashion moments for this sheer hero. The 20 denier is your go-to when you want to show some skin, still feel the breeze, or add serious chicness to an outfit. Although we’ve made ours ladder-resistant for added durability, they’re still sheer and thus tights TLC applies. Perfect for autumn and even warmer weather, they love a spring or summer night out dancing, #denierdisco.

20 Denier Tights


40 Denier - Near Sheer, Almost Opaque

Find us doing the Naomi Campbell walk in 40 denier tights on autumn evenings - you heard it here first, these are such an overlooked staple! Classified as semi-sheer or semi-opaque, 40 denier tights are taking things up a notch warmth-wise, so they are thicker and more durable than a 20 denier pair of tights but still show just a hint of skin. Importantly, Hedoine 40 denier tights are crafted expertly in Italy, utilising ladder-resistant technology - so they’re here for the long haul and perfect for making the most of mini skirts.

40 Denier Tights

60 Denier - Swiftly Opaque

Anything over 40 denier is classified as opaque. We love a head-to-toe black look made bold by 60 denier tights. And why has Taylor Swift not sung a love song about that? Your first step into winter days should be in 60 denier tights and thankfully ours are both strong and sustainable - made in the UK using 99.98% less water than average tights. Thicker, warmer, darker, stronger. Sounds like a Daft Punk song.

60 Denier Tights

100 Denier, Seriously Opaque

Here we are, at the darkest of the dark. The warmest of the warm, and the day off from jeans everyone needs during colder months. Our 100 denier tights are so super-soft and deliciously dark, you’ll never put your dresses away. Selena Gomez knows.

100 Denier Tights

Now that you’re studied up on the definition of denier and our sheer to opaque tights, there’s nothing left to do but shop. Tights of all deniers this way >

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