Behind the scenes: Hedoine summer 'photoshoot'

When life hands you lemons – make cocktails. As our Art Director Leesa would say. This is just one of the at-home attitudes that inspired our last photoshoot - if you could call it that.

Every Hēdoïne shoot is influenced by all of you - bold, strong, unconventional Hēdoïnes taking on the world with wicked laughs and great tights. Our last was no different, and yet it was a new recipe for us: at home, no makeup artists, no hairstylists. Just our own clothes and one of our team members as the 'model'. Hello lockdown life.

Knowing we'd all be facing some serious solitary time, our Art Director Leesa (never one to let just about anything get her down), used this almost universal experience as her inspiration. Rather than dream up at-home activities, she looked to Team Hēdoïne for her cocktail of creativity.

The result was a recreation of the indoor adventures of our own team. These are the quotes and the shots they inspired...

“Keep dressing like a boss.”

– Anna, Co-Founder and COOKeep dressing like a boss

“If you can't go to Italy, bring Italy to you.”

– Alex, Co-Founder and CEOLearn to cook so you can pretend you’re in Italy anyway

“If life hands you lemons, make cocktails”

– Leesa, Art Director
“If life hands you lemons, make cocktails

“Get outside, do some gardening, or take a cocktail with you.”

– Leonie, CMOGet outside, do some gardening, or take a cocktail with you

“Get your head in the books.”

– Emily, Operations OfficerGet your head in the books

“Look out for people who might need your help.”

– Valeria, CPOLook out for people who might need your help

“Dance like nobody's watching.”

– Luise, Customer Love ExecDance like nobody's watching

“Maintain that social life, from a distance.”

– Marilyne, Comms ManagerMaintain that social life, from a distance

“Stay in the flow.”

– Jess, CopywriterJust keep breathing

“Keep inspiration flowing with a podcast.”

– Julia, Sustainability and Product AssistantKeep inspiration flowing with a podcast