The Future of Conscious Consumption: Live Q&A Panel in London

This Second Hand September we collaborated with London’s Sign Of The Times and hosted our first ever panel discussion event highlighting one of fashion's most urgent topics: The Future of Conscious Consumption.

Covering everything from exciting innovations in materials (hello leather made from grape marc) to how our governments need to show up, to how all of us as consumers can feel less overwhelmed - and more empowered.

We made sure we got you all a front row seat, because the sustainability space is one to be a part of - and there is so much to talk about.

Here’s a bit more on our incredible panellists - then go on and press play, Hēdoïnes, give your YouTube history a break from dog videos. 

Bay Garnett / Stylist, editor, Senior Fashion Advisor at Oxfam, author and undisputed Queen of Thrift.

Irene Maffini / Portfolio Director at Sustainable Ventures, UCL PHD candidate.

Jack Connors / Product Innovation Manager – Fashion, Textiles & Technology at University of the Arts London.

Natascha-Radclyffe-Thomas / Award-winning case study author writing on ethical business, Vice Chair of the Costume Society and Regional Editor for the Bloomsbury Fashion Business Case Study resource.


Through the combined efforts of everyone at the event, we were able to donate over £500 in garments to Smart Works, an incredible charity helping unemployed women in need access the training, education and clothing they need to find work.

Check out our latest Biodegradable Tights or read more about the Hēdoïne Sustainability Agenda here >

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