Meet The Charmer: Leggings, But Better

Plot twist, we now make patterned leggings. Have you met The Charmer? Direct from Hēdoïne Founders, Anna and Alexandra, this is the story behind our first ever leggings...


It all started in 2020. A year that was seriously spun upside down with the only positive way forward being to adapt, evolve and drink heavily - kidding! Luckily, in the upside down, we found extra-strength agility and an urge to look out for our community of Hēdoïnes. We’ve always believed that strength is sexy, boldness can co-exist with femininity and being a badass is just more fun - and following last year, that mantra means even more.

We all need a bit of strong, bold, FUN amidst the chaos, which is why we created The Charmer. We wanted to introduce a pair of leggings that had the functions worthy of lounging - versatility, and super-soft shaping comfort - whilst also being energising and a little bit ‘extra’.

“We wanted to create a pair of leggings that wouldn’t just add sass to lockdown life, but also continue to be worn and loved as we re-emerge into the world”

The Charmer Leggings


At Hēdoïne, we’re used to working with a product - tights - that can go with almost any outfit and any occasion; they can be dressed up or dressed down. We wanted to bring that same versatility to leggings. A pair that wouldn’t just add sass to lockdown life, but also continue to be worn and loved as we re-emerge into the world.

The Charmer is designed to conjure feelings of ready-for-anything energy and excitement, with a little extra gets-away-with-anything sass for the sofa. They’re still comfortable but also dark, versatile and adventurous - kind of like us come to think of it...

The Charmer Leggings


As with all of our fashion essentials, we’ve made quality craftsmanship a huge part of The Charmer’s persona. Made in Italy, their innovative materials and versatility challenge fast-moving and throwaway fashion. We centered their design around softness and comfort so you can wear them working from home, to YouTube yoga and out for a coffee or cocktail - someday soon! They really do have the stretch of your activewear, the lounge worthiness of your sweats and the sass of your Friday mood.

Innovative materials and versatility challenge fast-moving and throwaway fashion.

The Charmer Leggings

The Charmer may be your lockdown companion for now, taking you on yet another lap around the park and bringing the ‘sofa sass’ you deserve, especially after all those hours clocked lounging - but it’s so ready for the revival. Plus - who said your stay-at-home basics have to be so basic? If you wish to go to war on your sweatpants occasionally, reach for The Charmer.

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