So You Googled Denier Meaning for Tights

There’s no shame in kind of knowing what denier means, but kind of not. We’re here to make deciding on denier drama-free, starting with some tech talk.

First up, a definition. Denier refers to a unit of measurement that determines the fiber thickness of individual threads (or filaments) used in the making of textiles and fabrics. While the measure of denier is how much the yarn they are knitted from weighs - you can usually assume that the denier relates directly to how sheer or opaque the tights are - or how much skin you can see.

At Hedoine our tights come in collections ranging from 20 denier to 100 denier and it makes sense to start with our 20 denier.

20 Denier, Sheer & Seamless

These sheer stunners were made iconic in the 90s by supermodels and sitcoms and remain a staple for giving dresses and mini skirts longevity into cool summer nights and much cooler days. 20 denier is considered to be the perfect balance between sheer in appearance and durable in design - especially when they are crafted using ladder-resistant technology like ours are.

50 Denier, Soft & Seamless

Moving on up to 50 denier tights. We describe ours as discreetly dark, where sheer meets opaque. Your 50 denier will still show a little skin but have an extra kick of warmth and strength. All-black with some subtle skin, 50 denier is an essential in our eyes. Shop 50 denier tights here. 

60 Denier, Snug & Seamless

Next up, 60 denier tights. You’re now down with denier and know that 60 is going to mean opaque, warm and thick enough to give an all-black appearance. They are the perfect option for nights where you want opaque tights, but will overheat in your winter warriors. Shop 60 denier tights here. 

100 Denier, Sable & Seamless

Which leads us to the darkest of them all, pitch black, as dark as gets - 100 denier tights. These are a thick, warm and strong option for winter. More comfortable than jeans, but can also (Hedoine Hack) be worn under jeans as well. We denier dare you to try it. Shop 100 denier tights here. 

In Review

Choosing your denier depends on the season, the event, the outfit and maybe even your mood - sheer 20 deniers and a high waistband provide instant elevation on low days and 100 deniers, well they’re just like a warm hug!

One thing we know for sure is that durability isn’t just determined by denier, but also by the quality of the yarns. We are all about innovative yarns at Hedoine, and tights that (finally) last. Our 20 and 40 denier tights may be sheer but they’re made using ladder resistant technology, minimising disasters that surge from snags. Let that sink in for a minute. You can indeed wear tights from 20 - 100 denier and be comfortable and ladder-free.

Still need help deciding? No problem, our customer love team love to talk tights. You can email them here.

There’s also our FAQs, locked and loaded below.

Shop better tights here, and do you denier exam here.

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