Why Our Tights Are Not Unbreakable

Unbreakable isn’t just a movie starring Bruce Willis, it’s also a descriptive word we want to make sure isn’t teamed with our tights because while they may be strong, seamless and often last up to 10 times longer than the average, they are not indestructible - and still require a tender touch.

Truth be told, we did originally set out to reinvent tights in a BIG way, and we ideally wanted to launch Hēdoïne with indestructible tights. Unfortunately, no such material actually exists (and we suspect that if it did - it would feel like wearing garbage bags). The alternative to creating unbreakable tights was to innovate our own upgrade. So we sought out technology that allowed for fine, breathable yarns to become ladder-resistant, and for tights to become super-soft and seamless - yet still stable and durable.

We put a lot of research and testing into creating a ladder-resistant tights collection focused on durability, that would put an end to one-night tights and challenge their too-often inconvenience and wastefulness. This meant the collection would be durable, but still delicate - a fine balancing act worth innovating for.

Let’s break it down. This is everything to know about the durability of our tights from 20-100 denier. You’re about to become fluent in Hēdoïne.

20 & 40 Denier Tights

About 20 and 40 denier tights

We had to go to Italy for these beauties, but between pizza and aperitivo there was a lot to tackle and test. We were completely invested in innovation, taking all the pain points from tights and fixing them one by one. It was 3D knitting technology that was able to take our tights to new heights. Our craft combines super fine yarns with this 3D process which allows a weave that doesn’t lead to indestructible tights but does lead to tights that last a lot longer - even when you (ugh!) catch them on a nail, that tiny snag won’t lead to a ladder.

It’s all part of our seamless plan to fight the fear around wearing sheer tights. There shouldn’t be cringing involved in pulling tights on - our 20 and 40 denier tights are soft and sheer with reviews for days on just how strong they actually are. Allow us to repeat though, the delicate nature of 20 and 40 denier tights does require some TLC.  Luckily, we’ve got a tights care guide just for that.

60 & 100 Denier Tights

About 60 and 100 denier tights

Our opaque range heroes microfibre as a key fabric - making their softness pretty addictive. While our thicker tights are not ladder resistant they are made in the UK using the very best in opaque tights technology, requiring way less water to make while they’re at it (99.98% less water, to be specific). We’re not saying you can catch these on your bike pedal without consequences but we are saying their strength has been tested time and time again - mainly whilst dancing and on dog walks.

If a history in hosiery is what you came for step this way, otherwise that’s a wrap here with the main learning; that comfortable tights cannot also be completely unbreakable and therefore, need to be treated with kindness, Harry Styles sings it best. With the right care, even our sheerest tights can last far longer - which is a seamless step in the right direction. May your days in denier be strong, seamless and badass.

Things in life that are unbreakable
Cast iron pans
F1 racing helmets - rightfully so
The Nokia 3210 mobile phone
A gobstopper - bit of a 90’s theme happening here, but has anyone ever broken one?
Our spirit, after a cocktail

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