Let's Talk Nudes. Our Nude Quiz.

Here at Hedoine we’ve diligently tested countless colours with Hedoines of all skin tones to make sure we launched our nude tights with a bandwidth of options, while keeping the colour palette sleek and easy to navigate. We currently have five nude shades on offer, across both our Nude and Edgy ranges. Each is tone-matching, which means they adjust to the nuances in individual skin tone. Each shade caters for 5 skin tone variations, so overall we cover 25 different tones with our current range. That’s a lot of nudes.

We know how important it is to find the perfect match. That's why we’ve developed the online Nude Quiz, specially designed to help you find that perfect pairing. Since our Nude tights are tone-matching, you don’t need to have the exact skin-tone you see in our photography to style them. 

Our Nude Quiz asks a range of questions specifically tailored to help you find your closest nude match. After analysing your answers to a range of specifically developed questions, the online tool accurately generates your very own individualised tone range. How cool is that. 

And because we are unable to send out colour samples, as part of the Hedoine mission to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we possibly can, The Nude Quiz takes away the stress of finding that perfect match, all whilst minimising waste. 

However, which tights to wear, like all fashion decisions, is entirely personal. An important step in finding your signature shade within our Nude and Edgy collections is to decide whether you are looking for that close skin-tone match, or a different nude look (either lighter or darker than your skin tone). 

Because let’s be real, everything’s better in the nude….

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