Less Sag, More Sass. War on Sweatpants.

Sweatpants. You’re in them right now, aren’t you? You just spilt coffee on them again, didn’t you? It’s ok to secretly (or openly) love the comfort and care our dear sweatpants have offered during what has been a cruel and cold year. However, may we suggest an experiment? There’s a mountain of self-help behind the power of getting dressed when working from home, and we don’t mean getting into a well-ironed power suit (unless you want to)! We love being cosy, comfortable and lounge-ready, but comfort should mean being in something that you can leave the house in shame-free, with a little less… sag, mainly.

While we’re guilty of having a pair of earrings on standby for zoom calls showing little concern for our bottom half, we have found since launching The Charmer Leggings to add sass to sofas worldwide - that it’s true. The energy that comes from getting dressed a step beyond sweatpants is real, and the reward is often increased productivity and badass vibes all day long. In fact, we’ve had reports from many Hēdoïnes that better lunches are made when feeling sassy, better music chosen when feeling saucy and better...everything, really.

So that’s why we’re going to war on our sweatpants, in a very kind way - they’ll be washed and folded and brought out again most likely after the first hedonistic all-nighter of 2021. But while we’re still working from home, we’re getting in our upgraded leggings (that’s The Charmer, and available here) not just to feel productive but also because we should all live life as if Harry Styles may knock on our door, and we think he’d be into patterned leggings ;)

The Charmer Leggings

Here’s Hēdoïne HQ with 10 reasons we’re waging a war on sweatpants. It’s time.

1. “I don’t even own sweatpants.” Classic Leesa.

2. “Sweatpants are like chocolate, I know I shouldn’t give into them, but then every morning I look at them and CANNOT RESIST... so...I decided just like the chocolate, to remove the temptation... both of them - out of my house!” Valeria, breaking our hearts with the chocolate break-up. A bold move, very Hedoine

3. “I don't really want to quote Karl Lagerfeld...but in this case I must, as a pair of sweatpants rarely gives me that feeling of "today is my day”. Use this as your mantra and move forth sweatpant-free.” Luise calls herself ‘an efficient German’ and she has efficiently made us think twice about sweats

4. “The thing is, it’s a slippery slope. One day you’re in sweatpants at 6pm and only after exercise, the next you’re questioning whether you can just hide the red wine stain on them with a bigger jumper so you don’t have to take them off. And somehow they have also played a part in how often you’re now washing your hair. Hide them at the bottom of your wash basket and never look back. Wait for Harry Styles to knock at your door patiently.” Kitty, owner of many sweatpants but three days clean

5. “I’ve never owned sweatpants and probably never will. My lockdown go-to was BF jeans until The Charmer came along” - Leonie, lover of jeans but never of sweats.

6. “. . . have you ever seen yourself from behind in sweatpants? You would not wear a potato sack either. Let's leave sweatpants where they belong: in 2020.” Alex with the cold hard truth we all deserve. Don’t look.

7. “My washing machine denied access to my sweatpants, so they’re never coming out again” even Anna’s washing machine has a dress code.

8. “The Germans call them ‘Jogging Pants’. Because they are for jogging, not for sitting” Anna again, reminding us of the German way, and also that we should probably go for a jog soon...

9. “I've got 99 problems and sweatpants are responsible for many of them” Lara and Jay-Z, the collab of 2021 you never asked for, but totally needed

10. “I seriously don’t even own them” Leesa, just reminding us again why she is a true Hedoine

    Convinced? We’ll give you a moment to say goodbye.
    And then…


    The Charmer Leggings


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